Erasmus+ Coordinator at the FME

Informations for ERASMUS+ Students

The ERASMUS+ Coordinator at the FME is Sylwester Samborski, DSc Eng. (room M-316)


Updated Feb 27th, 2019

Please, bring your printed Table A2 for a signature and a stamp – all students together – on Thursday, February 28th, room M316, 11-12AM.

By that time the Coordinator should have received an e-mail from you with the course codes (During mobility).

In any communication, please use your S-code

Important: even in case of no changes in your courses use copy/paste and prepare Table A2 WITH NO CHANGES, then come to get signature.

ID Cards - in room M113

After being accepted for the exchange studies - please, register your courses ("Before Mobility" - table A in your LA) by sending the following e-mail to (example):

Title: E+
Message: Names; Surname; M01, M37, E004, P07, ....
This will help us significantly to prepare an appropriate database - thank you!. 
I will respond promptly to inform you about your unique S-code in the database.
The work/informal meeting starting the spring smester at the FME is held at 4.00 PM in the room AI on 20th of February. Then you will have an opprotunity to meet your teachers and older colleagues - those who are staying in Lublin for one year. They will be your advisors ;-) The password for the meeting is your S-code.
  1. There is a "lower bound" (limitation) for the number of students to start a course - the minimum is 6 people.
  2. The maximum number of Credit Points to be declared for one semester is 30-33.
  3. Before you start e-mailing me with questions... - watch this webpage to be informed about the LUT procedures, important meetings etc.

For your convenience...

I provide below the names and e-mails of the coordinators from other faculties of the LUT. You can find the same data at the webpages of the International Exchange Office ( In case of any doubts about the subjects offered by other faculties - please, contact the appropriate coordinator.

The semester ends on July 7th. remember that before you book your flight back home....


The actual (27.02.2019) numbers of attendees of the FME ERASMUS+ courses in the spring samester


M01 M02 M03 M04 M05 M06 M07 M08 M09 M10 M11 M12 M13 M14 M15 M16 M17 M18 M19 M20
6 4 16 6 8 8 16 5 8 0 24 3 7 6 1 1 0 3 5 8
M21 M22 M23 M24 M25 M26 M27 M28 M29 M30 M31 M32 M33 M34 M35 M36 M37 M38 M39 M40
6 8 6 2 7 10 12 4 5 1 13 10 18 12 7 2 3 2 7 10
M41 M42 M43 M44 M45 M46 M47 M48 M49 M50 M51 M52 M53 M54 M55 M56        
13 9 0 0 6 3 3 6 9 0 8 1 19 0 8 5        



Faculty Coordinator Name e-mail
FEECS A. Smolarz, DSc Eng.
FCEA M. Snela, PhD Eng./B. Szostak, MSc Eng.
M. Dmitruk, MSc Eng. Arch.
A. Czarnigowska, PhD Eng.
FEE M. Lebiocka, PhD Eng. / R. Anasiewicz, MSc. Eng.
J. Gołębiowska, MSc Eng.
FM M. Bojar. PhD
J. Słoniec, PhD Eng.
G. Kłosowski, PhD Eng.
FFT I. Gorgol, PhD

LUT/FME Course Catalogue 2018/19


Teachers/courses/e-mail database.

Subjects at the FME

Teacher's Name

Teacher's e-mail

M01. 3D Software Engineering I

dr inż. Konrad Pietrykowski

M02. 3D Software Engineering II

dr inż. Konrad Pietrykowski

M03. Advanced Mechanics of Materials (Strength of Materials II)

dr hab. inż. Samborski Sylwester

M04. Advanced Numerical Methods

prof. Litak Grzegorz

M05. Assembly technology

mgr inż. Izabela Miturska

M06. Biomaterials

dr inż. Ostapiuk Monika

M07. Casting technology

dr inż. Szala Mirosław

M08. Ceramic Materials

dr inż. Jakubczak Patryk

M09. CNC Programming

dr inż. Cechowicz Radosław

M10. Combustion Engines

prof. Hunicz Jacek

M11. Composite Materials

dr inż. Jarosław Bieniaś

M12. Computational Fluid Dynamics

prof. Czarnigowski Jacek

M13. Corrosion

mgr inż. Majerski Krzysztof

M14. Diagnostics of vehicles

dr inż. Łukasz Grabowski

M15. Differential equations

dr Syta Arkadiusz

M16. Electrical and electronic equipment of vehicles

dr inż. Dziubiński Mieczysław

M17. Engineering drawing I

dr hab. inż. Gajewski Jakub

M18. Engineering drawing II

dr hab. inż. Gajewski Jakub

M19. Sheet Metal Forming and Numerical Modeling

dr hab. inż. Bartnicki Jarosław

M20. Fluid Mechanics I

dr inż. Łusiak Tomasz

M21. Fluid Mechanics II

dr inż. Łusiak Tomasz

M22. Fundamentals of Control Theory

dr inż. Cechowicz Radosław

M23. Fundamentals of machinery operation and maintenance

dr hab. inż. Koszałka Grzegorz

M24. General Mechanics I

dr inż. Andrzej Weremczuk

M25. General Mechanics II

dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Kęcik

M26. Heat transfer 

dr inż. Łusiak Tomasz

M27. Heat Treating of Metals and Alloys

dr inż. Drozd Kazimierz

M28. Hydraulics and hydraulic drives

dr inż. Zubrzycki Jarosław

M29. Industrial discrete control systems

dr inż. Cechowicz Radosław

M30. Machine parts/elements I

dr inż. Jedliński Łukasz

M31. Machine parts/elements II

dr inż. Jedliński Łukasz

M32. Materials Engineering

dr inż. Drozd Kazimierz

M33. Materials selection and design

dr inż. Pałka Krzysztof

M34. Materials Testing Methods

dr inż. Monika Ostapiuk

M35. Measurements

dr inż. Kłonica Mariusz

M36. Mechanical Vibrations

dr.hab. inż. Rafał Rusinek, prof. PL

M37. Mechanics of Materials (Strength of Materials I)

dr hab. inż. Samborski Sylwester

M38. Mechatronics systems

dr inż. Filipek Przemysław

M39. Metal Forming and Numerical Modeling

dr hab. inż. Bartnicki Jarosław

M40. Modern welding and joining technology

prof. Hejwowski Tadeusz

M41. Nanomaterials

dr inż. Drozd Kazimierz

M42. Non-ferrous metals

dr inż. Ostapiuk Monika

M43. Numerical Simulation of Polymer Processing

dr inż. Tomasz Jachowicz

M44. Phase transformations

dr inż. Jakubczak Patryk

M45. Polymer Materials

dr inż. Tor-Świątek Aneta

M46. Polymer Processing

prof. Sikora Janusz

M47. Powder metallurgy

prof. Hejwowski Tadeusz

M48. Special steels

dr inż. Pałka Krzysztof

M49. Surface engineering

prof. Hejwowski Tadeusz

M50. Theory of machines I

dr inż. Jedliński Łukasz

M51. Theory of Machines II

dr inż. Jedliński Łukasz

M52. Thermodynamics I

dr inż. Michał Gęca

M53. Thermodynamics II

dr inż. Michał Gęca

M54. Transportation Systems

dr inż. Rymarz Joanna

M55. Wear mechanisms of materials

mgr inż. Szala Mirosław

M56. Welding metallurgy

mgr inż. Szala Mirosław

Subjects at other faculties

Teacher's Name

Teacher's e-mail

I06. Characteristic of water supply and sevage treatment system

dr Łagód Grzegorz

B-27. Construction economics and estimating

dr inż. Czarnigowska Agata

B-28. Construction Management

mgr inż. Tomczak Łukasz

B-30 Fundamentals of bridge engineering

dr inż. Karaś Sławomir

B-31 Masonry Structures

dr inż. Grabias M.

B-33. Structural Mechanics I

Lipecki Tomasz

B-35 Wooden engineering costruction

dr inż. Szerafin J.

B-41 Concrete Structures I

dr inż. Słowik Marta

E003. Algebra

Nieznaj Ernest

E004. Automatics and Automatic Control 1

Kurnicki Adam

E008. C Programming

Montusiewicz Jerzy


Murat Małgorzata


Nieznaj Ernest

E011. Circuit Theory part 1

Sikora Jan

E019. Digital Signal Proceessing

Kotyra Andrzej

E024 Electrical machines

Machlarz Radosław

E025. Electromagnetic field theory 1

Sikora Jan

E027 Electronic circuits

Smolarz Andrzej

E028. Electronics Fundamentals

Zyska Tomasz

E029. Fundamentals of metrology

Majewski Jacek

E031. Fundamentals of Optoelectronics

Kaczmarek Cezary

E032. Fundamentals of Physics

Pikula Tomasz

E033. Human-Computer Interaction

Miłosz Marek

E039. Numerical Methods

Łukasik Edyta

E043. PLC Controllers

Kurnicki Adam

E056. System Dynamics

Miłosz Marek

E058. Web application development

Badurowicz Marcin

I17. Basics of Structural Mechanics and Strength of Materials

dr inż. Suchorab Zbigniew

P01. Applications of MATHCAD to some technical issues of mechanics and physics

prof. Pashechko Mikhaylo

P06. Information Technology

mgr Rososzczuk renata

P07. Linear Algebra

dr Łazuka Ewa

P12. Selected Problems in Technology renewable energy conversion and generation

mgr Paśnikowska Magdalena

Z09. Design Thinking

dr Czarnocki Krzysztof

Z12. European Projects Management

dr Pylak Korneliusz

Z13. Financial analysis

dr Paździor Artur

Z26. Occupational Environment

dr Czarnocka Elżbieta

Z32. Project management

dr inż. Słoniec Jolanta

Z33. Quality management

dr Bicharz Piotr

Z34. Statistics I

dr Kozłowski Edward