Erasmus+ Coordinator at the FME

Informations for ERASMUS+ Students

The ERASMUS+ Coordinator at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME)

is Marek Borowiec, Assoc. Prof. DSc PhD Eng.


Updated on October 21st, 2022


The Erasmus+ ECTS Catalogue for academic year 2022/23.

Link to the timetable at the Mechanical Faculty of winter semester: schedule of winter semester 2022/2023

Link to the timetable at the Electrical Faculty:

The courses openned during the winter semester 2022/23 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:

M01    3D Software Engineering
M03    Advanced Strength of Materials
M04    Advanced Numerical Methods
M09    CNC Programming
M10    Combustion Engines and Hybrid Propulsion Systems
M13    Diagnostics of Vehicles
M15    Electrical and Electronic Equipment of Vehicles
M18    Sheet Metal Forming and Numerical Modeling
M19    Bulk Metal Forming and Numerical Modeling
M20    Fluid Mechanics I (start on October 18)
M21    Fluid Mechanics II (start on October 18)
M22    Fundamentals of Control Theory
M23    Fundamentals of Machinery Operation and Maintenance
M24    General Mechanics 1
M25    General Mechanics 2
M26    Heat Transfer (start on October 18)
M28    Hydraulics and Hydraulic Drives (begins with a month delay)
M29    Introduction to Industrial Robotics
M30    Machine parts/elements I
M35    Measurements and Metrology
M37    Strength of Materials
M44    Theory of Machines I
M46    Thermodynamics I
M47    Thermodynamics II

Example of During Mobility in case the initially chosen courses enumerated in Learning Agreement have to be changed

Link to the form of During Mobility "Changes-to-LA" to be completed during your stay at LUT: